Prince George’s County Fire & Emergency Medical Services Department Wants YOU!

Prince George’s County is the largest combination fire department in the United States. We are also home to over 950,000 residents, over a 500 Square Mile Footprint, that call on our department daily for various reasons including car accidents, fires, and medical emergencies.

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Fire Commission – Administrative body appointed by the County Executive in accordance with Prince George’s County Code of Ordinances, Subtitle 11, Division 5, Section 11-301, tasked with the duties and responsibilities outlined in this document.

  1. The Fire Commission shall be comprised of nine (9) Prince George’s County residents, including five (5) Volunteer Commissioners, two (2) Career Commissioners (Active or Retired) and two (2) Resident Commissioners.
  2. Appointment of Fire Commissioners are staggered so that no more than half of the terms expire at the same time.  This provides continuity of operation of the Fire Commission.  (Example:  3 Volunteer Commissions, 1 Career Commissioner and 1 Resident Commissioner on even numbered years and 2 Volunteer Commissioners, 1 Career Commissioner and 1 Resident Commission in odd numbered years.)

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The mission of the Fire Commission is to act as primary public safety advisors to the County Executive…
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The Fire Commission’s duties include; reviewing financial needs and requests for public funding from the volunteer companies, formulating and monitoring annual operating and capital budgets, reviewing proposed management and operating policies…
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