LENGTH OF SERVICE AWARD PROGRAM (LOSAP) for Prince George’s County, Maryland

Volunteer Fire and Rescue Personnel :

The Prince George’s County, Maryland County Council created the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP). The LOSAP provides annuities to active members of the County’s volunteer Fire/Emergency Medical Service (EMS) companies that meet certain age and service eligibility criteria. Benefits provided under the LOSAP also include survivor annuities and lump-sum death benefits.

Prince George’s County, Maryland, and its residents rely heavily on the Fire/EMS Department to provide fire and rescue services. There are 45 fire stations in Prince George’s County.  29 Volunteer-owned, 15 County-owned, & 1 State-Owned which are operated by 36 volunteer corporations with over 1,600 active volunteers (operational & administrative) serving Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The Prince George’s County Fire Commission has been given the authority to establish the standards and procedures surrounding the LOSAP under the County Code, Section 11-328. The code currently states that the County Director of Finance shall administer the program in accordance with the standards and procedures established by the Fire Commission and the County Director of Finance. The proposed amendment to the legislation changes the responsibility of the program from the County Director of Finance to the Office of Personnel and Labor Relations.

This LOSAP Manual is designed to give each County volunteer Fire/EMS company the information to effectively and efficiently prepare the annual report to the Fire Commission as well as accurately maintain company records.

If you are a current LOSAP recipient and you feel that there is a discrepancy in your award, please fill out the LOSAP Discrepancy Form.  Please provide as much detail as you can which will allow us to contact Pensions and work through the issue.

LOSAP Discrepancy Form
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